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”We always maintain open and honest communication. We enjoy the opportunity to deal face to face with our customers as much as possible, as we feel this is the best way to insure every project is a great project.”

Blair McKenzie Owner and operator of Muskoka River Fine Homes
Blair McKenzie - Owner/Operator

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to build high performance homes that drastically reduce energy use, lowering operating costs, and providing our clients with the most comfortable, healthy homes possible. Our honesty, integrity, and concern for all people drive everything we do. Our customers can expect a straightforward, open book construction process.  We have a team that prides themselves on treating everyone with respect and honesty. This, as well as our attention to detail, develop long-lasting, trusted relationships with our customers.” – Blair McKenzie – Owner/Operator 


With close to 30 years’ experience in home, cottage, and light commercial construction and renovations, Muskoka River Fine Homes is a one stop source for all your construction needs. We specialize in high-performance, energy efficiency, and climate conscious solutions. Such as Net Zero, Net Zero ready, and Passive House design and construction methods and techniques. Providing our clients with the highest energy performance possible from their projects, saving energy, upkeep costs, protecting the environment, and your investment long into the future. Whether conventional or high-performance we can plan your major renovation or building project from start to finish. We can also handle your weekend to do list so you can save your weekend for well-earned relaxation. We provide our clients with the best possible finished product, from a new paint job to a new home.


Quality workmanship and the use of quality materials is our trademark. At Muskoka River Fine Homes we stay up to date with new materials, products, and techniques. Both in the high-performance sector and the conventional code-built industry change is happening at an incredibly fast pace. This can sometimes result in a mind-boggling number of products and services aimed at every corner of the industry. Not all these solutions are appropriate for every client. We can help you to differentiate between those that are good value and those that are simply cheap in price, and quality. Your property is likely your biggest investment. At Muskoka River Fine Homes we aim to provide the best products and services for your project, so that your investment will be protected, and you will be a truly satisfied customer.


Providing climate conscious choices and for all our projects, we are continually updating our training and knowledge of new construction techniques. We are a small company with a big focus on customer service, and because we are smaller, we can provide a completely personalized service on every job. Working this way, and one project at a time, allows us to obtain an accurate and detailed picture of our clients’ needs, something that is often lacking at larger companies. At Muskoka River Fine Homes all our clients deal directly with the owner. We value open and honest communication with everyone, our clients, our workers, our sub-trades, and our suppliers. Focusing everyone on providing the best possible outcome for the work we all do as a team.